An independent record label committed to producing quality music, putting as much effort as possible to upcoming artists.


Highbury 2

Martin Wake: Owner

Martin Wake is an music engineer/producer who started and runs Coffee Jingle Records. With 10 years experience of producing, Martin is well diverse with recording and producing many styles of music and offers advice especially with new bands. Martin also publishes music and gets music ready for a digital and physical release along with everything that goes along with releasing music.



Becki Short: Vocal Advisor

Becki Short is an experienced singing teacher/vocal coach who works with Coffee Jingle Records as a vocal advisor. With over 10 years of training, Becki is well versed in a wide range of styles, and provides constructive feedback, as well as offering sessions to help with specific techniques to improve your track(s).



Daniel Finch – Senior Advisor

Daniel Finch is an experienced musician, producer and live performer who has toured with bands such as Lacuna Coil. Daniel is a senior member of Coffee Jingle Records as a client and as an advisor. Daniel is a ex member of Devilment and now formed the bands The Dead Soul Communion and The Devils Music.



Tom Brumpton – PR

Tom Brumpton (MCIPR) is an award nominated publicist who works with Coffee Jingle Records in a public relations capacity. His company, Polymath PR is an entertainment public relations agency, specializing in film and music.

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