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THE DEVILS MUSIC‘s debut self titled album is not only a solid, crunching slab of Metal that holds its own admirably in terms of heaviness, groove and power, but also displays an emotional and musical wide range of vocal performances. The band, founded by ex Devilment (Which featured Dani Filth) founder, Daniel J Finch, features heavy dual guitars, screaming leads, memorable, powerful choruses, and dark lyrical themes all with an old school Metal feel throughout the albums ten Machine Head meets Nevermore tracks.

The Devils Music is a collection songs originally written for the 2nd Devilment Album. Daniel J Finch has written around 27 songs for that album , but left the band in late 2014. The songs remade and untouched. Until in late 2015, Daniel rediscovered the songs and went about finishing the album. Recorded at his Holocaust Studios in Suffolk by producer D-Rock. Produced by Finch/Jensen & Fennell. Mixed and Mastered by Jordan Fennell at Scorpio Studios, Suffolk.

VISIT HERE TO LISTEN TO THE ALBUM TEASER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI0OGU6gy54

iTUNES ORDER: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-devils-music/id1120543964
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/thedevilsmusicuk
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/devilsmusic666

The Devils Music Track-listing:
1. From Beyond (vocals by Jambles Darby of The BloodShake Chorus)
2. Can You Hear Me (vocals by Lee Margaillan of Collapse The Sky)
3. Break Through (vocals by Ian Messy Messenger of Scream Serenity)
4. Phoenix (vocals by Jordan Fennell of Scream Serenity)
5. The Smile That Hurts (vocals by Caeser of Ides of Winter)
6. The Strange And Dark (vocals by Benjamin Skirka of (Iron Glove & Philophobia)
7. This Is The End (vocals by James Brett Marten of Hedra)
8. Dvoid Of Light (vocals by Edwin “Wrything” Mascorn of ex Episeed)
9. Cthulu (vocals by Vlad “Viper” Yasinsky of Viper Inc)
10. Hate (vocals by Matt Golder of Die A Villain)

Daniel J Finch – Guitar & Keyboards
Paul Jensen – Bass Guitar
D-Rock – Drums


What People Say

The Devils Music has so many aspects of what makes great metal, I can assure you that if you’re a headbanger, you will love this album.

– Skulls N Bones

To use another well worn phrase ‘the Devil has all the best tunes’, with this release I am not about to argue with that.

– Get Ready To Rock

We certainly hear some resemblance to Devilment here, and we get some of those theatrical touches that we are used to from both Devilment and Cradle of Filth. But this is somewhat different and, in my humble opinion, actually better.

– Roppongi Rocks

This a great dynamic album, the use of separate vocalists for each song just adds to the various range and styles and makes it a very unique album, it will please fans of Devilment and Cradle Of Filth to no end, and is well worth checking out.

– Rock N Reel Reviews






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