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Interview With Kodah


Just a bit ago we spoke with the fellas from Kodah, an energetic alternative rock band from Southampton, England. It was great to catch up with them as they are busy putting the finishing touches on their debut single release coming out in June.

[Backstage Vibe] Tell us about your band. Who is in it and how you all got together? 

We’re a 4-piece alternative rock band.  We all draw inspiration from different places but ultimately we’re influenced by late 80’s/early 90’s alternative rock scene, and play music that’s loud, feels good, sounds good and gives us nothing but total expression. Kodah’s current line up is Matt: Lead Vocals and guitar, Mark: Supporting Vocals and guitar, Sam: Bass guitar, Scott: Drums. Since Kodah began we’ve had line up changes in our rhythm section [Bass and Drums] but the current line up feels better than ever.  Matt and Mark formed the foundations of the band in 2010 with Mark originally playing bass under the terrible name Mudslide Jr.  After gigging for a while as a three piece with our original drummer, we bought in a new bassist allowing Mark to switch to second guitar, changed drummers and then bass players again to form the line up we have today under the name Kodah.   We signed with local independent label Coffee Jingle Records ( and we’ve been busy recording and preparing for our debut ever since.

[Backstage Vibe] What is your favorite part of being in a band? What’s the hardest part?

[Mark] To be able to play music with people that mean the most to me, sharing a dream with my friends and smashing up guitars!
[Matt] It is ultimate expression and creativity – like the perfect psychotherapy.
[Sam] Being in a band is the closest thing to a family you can get and to be able to share triumphs and struggles on an exciting blind journey is pretty freaking awesome.
[Scott] My homies! And hitting things as hard as I can in a musical fashion.

One hard thing for sure has been completing our album, we had a few set backs and a period where we weren’t playing either. It’s tough wading through that but you have to keep holding on to the dream that got you started. I think that tears so many bands apart, but you have to be able to soak up the lows and stick with it.

[Backstage Vibe] Is there one particular person who does most of the writing or is it a team effort? Where does the inspiration come from for your songs?

Matt writes all the lyrics and brings his song ideas to the rest of the band. Each one of us will then add our own stamp to grant these songs their growth and develop the initial idea into a song, which is inherently Kodah.

The inspiration comes from the usual places; loneliness, breakups, self-loathing – the usual negative emotions that have been inspiring rock songs for generations.  There can still be optimism within these negative themes, but at the end of the day there’s nothing wrong with a bit of good old-fashioned teenage angst!

[Backstage Vibe] What are you up to now and what’s in store for 2014?

We’re still in the studio adding the final touches to our debut album, which is scheduled for release in October.  Before that, our debut single will be released on 23 June, with another single to follow in August ahead of the album release.  Then we’ll be hitting the road hard and playing as much as possible to promote our music old skool style!

[Backstage Vibe] Do you have any quick fan or gig stories to share with your fans? 

One time we played upstairs in a bar so hot with no air conditioning and no open windows for over an hour we almost died.

[Backstage Vibe] Where can your fans find you on the web?


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